Sex in Pregnancy is Safe

The European Medical Association Journal has published a new primer designed to help physicians when they counsel pregnant women. They note that sex during pregnancy is normal and is generally considered safe. The authors point out that there are very few proven contraindications and risks regarding intercourse in normal pregnancy.

Pregnant women and their partners are often afraid to have sex. Men may think they are “invading” the home of the fetus and could actually harm the baby.  In fact, the fetus is quite safe, ensconced in the uterus (womb) and the cervix (opening of the uterus) is closed in normal pregnancy.  The penis has no contact with the fetus or the uterus during normal intercourse, no matter what the position.

When is intercourse considered risky?  Only for women who are at high risk for preterm labor and for those with placenta previa because there is increased risk for hemorrhage.  Even women who have had preterm labor may safely have sex unless they have cervical incompetence or a lower genital tract infection.

Women who are under the care of an obstetrician should know if they have any of these risks. The vast majority of women should be reassured that sex during pregnancy is safe for mom and baby.

Solutions for facial hair

Facial hair can be a big turn-off for a woman and can affect her natural beauty. It can affect her social image and lower her self-confidence. Removal of facial hair in women becomes necessary to keep her beautiful. Facial hair removal practive in women has been done since a long time using natural methods during the times when traditional scientific medicines were not developed.

Several modern-day effective treatments are available for removing the unwanted facial hair growth in women. Certain treatments might not be very helpful in the long term such as shaving, since it causes hair to turn coarse. Certain other treatments depend on the facial skin sensitivity to the process employed for facial hair removal. The type of treatment depends on the severity of facial hair growth. Mild cases of facial hair growth in women can be treated using shaving, waxing, bleaching, plucking and threading. These treatments are good enough for helping women facing light hair growth on the face. Moderate to severe cases of unwanted facial hair growth in women need long term effective solutions.

Electrolysis and laser treatments are popular long term treatments but are expensive. Also, they might not be suitable for woman with different skin types. The most effective and reliable treatments are facial hair removal creams such as Vaniqa cream UK, which can help to remove unwanted facial hair in women. Facial hair removal creams are easy to apply to the affected area, they are easy to use and they are comparatively more affordable and have least side effects.

Preggers and weight loss

Pregnancy is a gift of the female sex and brings alive a new life to the world. Working women, however, sometimes dread pregnancy effects on their health. Weight gain is one of the major visible effects on a pregnant woman. The misconception that the baby fat gathered during pregnancy remains forever adds to the nervousness of certain groups of women.

In fact, the baby fat is like any other normal fat gained during other weight gain period. It is critical to understand that when a new life grows inside the body, the person will tend to gain extra pounds. This baby fat accommodates the baby and provides protection to it. A natural tendency in women is to binge more when pregnant which adds to the weight of the woman. This excess fat assists in the entire procreation process. Pregnant women who tend to diet exceedingly more and exercise more than normal should realize that it might not be helpful to the baby.

Some women try to take weight control pills to avoid putting on excess weight during pregnancy. However, women should strictly avoid weight loss pills during pregnancy as the ingredients might affect the normal growth of the foetus. The body of a woman goes through a lot of biological changes during the entire period of pregnancy. Instead, women should lose the excess weight after the delivery of the baby. Weight loss pills such as Xenical can be very effective and assisting during the post-delivery weight loss process for pregnant women.